Nail polish JMK “DJ line”

Nail polish JMK “Rollerboys” from the DJ line named after Mykonos airport in Greece, bright purple coloured.

Rollerboys picked Mykonos airport (JMK) in Greece. Working well with their deco, ain’t it? “Wearing nail polish is essential, if you somehow want to be connected to the great universe of disco.”

When we started the DJ nail polish line, it was to add some audible to the eye-candy. And for the mix-masters some visible to their sound. DJs involved so far are Loco Dice, Fetisch, Rollerboys, Headman, Ed Banger (Busy P) and Hugo Capablanca. Their mixes come here for free-fifty-free, so download them, rip them open, burn them, face them on the book, i- them on your pod and dance! dance! dance!

uslu airlines nail polish dry quickly and hold well. They fill grooves and smooth the surface. But most importantly, they look great.

Check out Rollerboy’s nail mix. Listen. Download. Rip. Burn. It’s all free-50-free! Enjoy.



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JMK airport


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