Nail polish FNJ “Bernhard Willhelm”

Nail polish FNJ from the Bernhard Willhelm line named after Sunan Intl. airport in North Korea, primary red coloured.

Bernhard Willhelm is a Paris based german designer who created his own line right after gratuating at the prestigious Antwerp’s Royal Academy. Showing his first womenswear line in 1999, he is also showing menswear since 2000 during breath taking performances in Paris Fashion Week.
Colaborating with uslu airlines for a whole line of nail polishes, the choice of the colors is always reflecting the colorfulness of his personality and designs.

Sunan is the main airport serving the city of Pyongyang, the capital city of the itself named “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” more comonly known as North Korea.

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(yes that’s right this is a map blank, and so is the whole North Korea on google map)

FNJ airport
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uslu airlines nail polish dry quickly and hold well. They fill grooves and smooth the surface. But most importantly, they look great.

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