Liquid makeup CDG

Liquid makeup CDG named after Charles de Gaulle airport in France

Skinshade 3/10 (1 = brightest, 10 = darkest)

Charles de Gaulle is the busiest airport in France, and the second busiest airport in Europe, having 61 millions passenger every year.
No doubt that you will go through CDG once since Paris is the most visited city in the world.

Product pictures can be downloaded freely: Just click on the product pic to enlarge it and then drag it to your desktop… you will get a hi-res JPG (2500 x 2500 px).

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Charles de Gaulle airport

uslu airlines liquid colours are water based, fine, airbrushable liquids that set to a matte finish in seconds and stay all day long. They have been formulated for superfine airbrush application and finish.

And they can easily be removed with just water or a mild soap.

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