Flash Art 2006

Beauty Makeup Supersonic – Feride Uslu

Gea Politi

Feride Uslu is the creator of uslu airlines: beauty makeup supersonic.
She was born in Soke, Turkey, and lives and works passionately with Jan Mihm, her husband, in Berlin.
She has used airbrushes for years to apply makeup to her clients.
Now, consumers can get the same results with her new makeup line and user-friendly compact air brush, the Air(o)pak.
In addition to the liquid colors (for face, cheeks and eyes) made specifically for use with the pen-sized Air(o)pak,
she offers more traditional products such as lipstick, mascara, concealer and loose powder.
Just by spraying the color gradually and moving the jet in a regularpattern, Feride, the ultimate futuristic makeup guru
(Björk and Matthew Barney love her), can make an art piece out of you.

Are you married to your makeup? No. I am married to Jan and our middle baby is uslu airlines. He is such a passionate father it makes you and I speechless.
Smokey Robinson used to sing, “My smile is my makeup – I wear since my break up with you… – So take a good look at my face – You’ll
see my smile looks out of place – If you look closer, it’s easy to trace – The tracks of my tears.” Would you say that makeup can hide pain?
Yes. But makeup can also be more painful than life itself. Just look around at all these women that are masking themselves almost too death.
Makeup is either a pleasure or a pain for those who look at it. And in that sense it is a mirror of the person who wears it. In other words, if you are hurt by looking at someone’s makeup you will probably stay away not to be hurt even more. This is not a question of how much makeup is on. It is also not a question of using uslu airlines or Christian Dior. It is simply a
question of fit. Does the makeup fit the face? Does it in the person? the personality?
You never wear a lot of makeup. Is it because you don’t have anything to hide?
I would not be able to hide anything. Nobody is. Personality shows through any foundation!
And if it doesn’t then it’s even more painful.
Are most of the actresses you’ve worked with women who need to hide something?
Many actresses are very insecure girls. Hollywood is trying to force a certain image and look on them, and unfortunately, most fold
themselves under this pressure. They might have thought that a makeup artist is their ally to hide this insecurity. But the business is dramatically changing! Hi-definition TV cameras will pick up anything and especially overdone makeup. This is new and everbody has to adjust: actresses (actors too!), makeup artists and Hollywood as a whole. The new times will bring a different breed of actresses and a deeper kind of movies. With less makeup and more precise demands to the makeup artist to simply enhance the natural beauty of women rather than hiding it behind a mask (as they could easily with the low-tech cameras), viewers will see deeper characters so acting skill and personality will gain a much greater importance. I am happy about that, as a makeup artist as well as a cinema lover. Gea Politi is U.K. editor for Flash Art.

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